【3rd JKFan Cup Web1 Challenge参加者限定!大抽選会】

3rd JKFan Cup Web1 Challenge ご参加いただいた選手の皆様を対象とした大抽選会を実施します。



配信日時 11月21日 10:00 (日本時間)


<注意>本抽選会は、3rd JKFan Cup Web1 Challengeの参加選手のリストをもとに抽選を行います。本大会にご参加いただいていない方は抽選の対象にはなりません。

3rd JKFan Cup Web1 Challenge We will hold a big lottery for the players who participated.

The lottery will be streamed live on Youtube.
Please join and watch from the URL below.


Delivery date and time: November 21, 10:00 (Japan time)

・ The lottery results will be announced separately on HP / Facebook, etc.
・ Winners will be contacted separately.
・ Even if you do not participate in the lottery, you will not be excluded from the lottery.

This lottery will be based on the list of participating players in the 3rd JKFan Cup Web1 Challenge. Those who have not participated in this tournament will not be eligible for the lottery.

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